We provide solutions that grow societies sustainably and build a better future

We provide solutions that grow societies sustainably and build a better future

Clear Water Solutions LLC is a UAE based company, a subsidiary of Oasis Investment Co. LLC. We have been providing state-of-the-art solutions for water and wastewater in the UAE and the region since 2008. The complete array of services offered encompass design, integration, supply, installation, and maintenance for your entire water cycle.

We believe that the future of business lies in balance with the environment. Sustainable growth for businesses is not only possible, but it is enhanced by environmentally conscientious decision making, which we will enable you to make. Our custom designs utilize cutting edge technologies & innovative water solutions that ensure that you meet your economic and environmental aims.


We deliver on what we promise


We ensure quality of communication that cultivates transparency and collaboration


Our design solutions operate optimally, deliver continuously and perform consistently


We welcome challenges that require us to think outside the box and make it work for you


We enable businesses to move towards sustainability while supporting their growth

We provide our customers with bespoke water and wastewater treatment solutions that are tailored to assimilate with their operations seamlessly. Our process and practices reflect this philosophy of making the solution work for the customer.


Framing the challenge

Ensuring you are given the best possible solution requires clarity on your goals and the possibilities. We help you frame your water needs to define your economic and environmental goals.


Designing the Future State

During the design phase, our exhaustive due diligence activities of your facilities identify employable turnkey technologies, greenfield project needs, opportunities for retrofitting and repurposing existing assets, potential challenges in procurement and installation, innovations opportunities, and future models so your plant meets your needs and grows with your operations.
This phase yields a comprehensive plan that guarantees transparency and commitment to quality from the onset.



We believe in taking care of our work so you can look after yours. Your operations continue uninterrupted throughout our deployment and installation period. We deliver what we commit, and we keep at it until we deliver the promised quality.


Service Partnership

As partners, our role continues after the plant is successfully deployed. We always stay within easy reach to ensure that our solution continues to help you achieve your vision.

Our systems are designed to meet required regulatory standards and international benchmarks.

All our systems are approved and regulated by the governing bodies including:

German Standard

DIN 4261


Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater


The United States Environmental Protection Agency Reg

Dubai Municipality

As per Dubai defined standards

Team & Guarantees
Team & Guarantees
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