Extended Aeration (EA)

The Extended Aeration (EA) system is a common Biological system that provides the proper environment, sufficient oxygen and other elements which allow the bacteria to consume the organic matter and to live and multiply within the treatment plant. In this way the aerobic bacteria and microbes decompose the sewage and waste to a stable form – odor and nuisance free. Raw domestic wastewater passes through a series of pre-treatment steps prior to treatment. This comprises of a coarse screen to remove coarse solid materials, a secondary screen to remove finer solid materials, an aerated grit chamber to remove inert materials such as fine sand, gravel etc., and a grease/oil removal system to remove the potential oil in sewage to ensure good performance of the extended aeration system. This is a robust and well understood technology and is often the preferred choice for large-scale municipal projects.
Advantages of EA
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