Festival Plaza Mall (IKEA)

Sewage Treatment Plant for Cooling Tower Reuse

Festival Plaza Mall (IKEA)

Sewage Treatment Plant for Cooling Tower Reuse


Festival Plaza Mall (IKEA)

Sewage Treatment Plant for Cooling Tower Reuse

Located adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road, Festival Plaza Dubai, an urban lifestyle mall owned and operated by Al Futtaim Group, is spread over an area of 648,000 sq.ft. The mall launched in 2019 during which year Clear Water Solutions was approached by Al Futtaim Group to carry out a Sewage Treatment Plant project for it.


Minimizing their fresh water consumption

Festival Plaza had been envisaged as a sustainable project and much thought had gone into making sure that it met as many of the LEED points as possible. Using water cooled chillers for air conditioning made the project energy efficient, but this required a significant amount of water. The proposed solution was to use an Advanced SBR type wastewater treatment system that would maximize the recovery of their own wastewater while minimizing the environmental impact of a Sewage Treatment Plant in a populated area.


Recover and treat all the watewater

An Advanced Sequential Batch Reactor (ASBR) system was designed into the building to recover all of the facility’s wastewater, including kitchens, toilets and condensate, to produce a high quality Treated Sewage Effluent for Cooling Tower Reuse. This system allows the user to recover 99% of their sewage and minimize their fresh water consumption.


Economical and High Recovery

By being smart about the source of the influent, we are able to recover this water without requiring any membrane treatment, making the plant economical and allowing a very high recovery.

Design Flow: 260 m3/day

Influent: 422 mg/l BOD5, 1000 mg/l COD

Effluent: < 10 mg/l BOD5, 150 mg/l COD


Advanced Sequential Batch Reactors

The ASBR is an enhanced SBR process, which incorporates staged activated-sludge process configurations to operate with continuous inflow of wastewater and increase efficiency and capacity. The process utilizes a simple repeated time-based sequence of operation, which incorporates: Aeration (for biological reactions), Settling (for solids-liquid separation), and Decanting (to remove treated effluent). Completion of these three operations in the sequence described above constitutes a cycle, which is then repeated.

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